In 2003, Malaysia was the first to introduce the unique snack concept of PappaRoti.

The brand specializes in a unique, mouth watering coffee-coated butter bun served alongside a variety of beverage compliments. The aroma, freshness and textures have captivated audiences all around the globe with over 410 cafes.

While our buns are definitely a crowd-pleaser, our beverages are equally exceptional and precisely selected to perfectly accompany the inimitable taste of our caramel-coated buns and every sip is sigh-worthy. Special selection of tea blends are served at our outlets that compete with tea blends served at only 7 star hotels in the region.

Our bun’s wonderful coffee aroma often stops people right in their
tracks. The signature aroma captures your senses and causes you to
seek out that tantalizing freshly baked fragrance. However, it is not
all only about our unique aroma.

The inside of the bread is just as mouth-watering as it is on the outside. The secret of the taste comes from the buttery fluff in the core of the bread. Only top grade halal butters are used to produce papparoti’s coffee caramel bun. the soft buttery filling combined with the crispy delicious coffee-caramel exterior is precisely what makes our customers come back for more. You have to try it to know it.